The Velveteen Orkestra

23rd August 2024 @ 19:00 – 22:30
Fiery Bird

The Velveteen Orkestra has the ability to make audiences swoon while, at the same time, casting forth an air of unease with their intoxicating hybrid of rich romanticism and brutal intensity. Embodying essences of European folk and Americana with nodding acquaintances to Neil Young, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Radiohead, their sound can gently pluck at your heartstrings while, at the same time, delicately slipping them around your neck.

The Velveteen Orkestra are a ragged-trousered rock and roll orchestra conceived in a leaky, shadow-veiled district of South London. Bellowing out from underneath the grey brutalist tower blocks named in honour of romantic poets is a sound that is both savage, yet elegant… animal, yet noble… honest, yet fantastical.

Their pulsating live shows are attracting audiences for their rich romanticism and brooding intensity, as well as their sparkling sense of humour. Lead Singer/Guitarist Dan Shears emits a gilt-edged voice from a spindle-limbed frame, evoking memories of Jeff Buckley at his heart-aching best.

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