The Fiery Bird is an inclusive venue, and we welcome deaf and disabled people to the venue

Venue Description

    The Fiery Bird has a platform lift in Reception from street level to access the bar area and
    toilets with two accessible toilets on this level. Space is set aside as a viewing area for
    wheelchair users or those who need to watch from a seat. There are sofas and further
    seating available for those who require on this level. There are five steps down to the dance
    floor. If you require level access to the dance floor, a side entrance can be used. A further
    five steps up is another area where seating is provided should it be required with a view of
    the stage. There are fire exits to street level on the bar, dancefloor and entrance levels that
    can be accessed without using stairs

Bookable Access Facilities

    Fiery Bird operates a PA scheme for those who need to bring an assistant. Please contact
    the venue for more details. If you require a seat for the show, please let us know in
    advance where possible.

Travel and Arrival Guide

    The Fiery Bird is located 0.2 miles from Woking train and bus station.


    There are 2 accessible toilets within the venue. These are located near the bar.

Customers with Medical Requirements

    We welcome customers who may need to bring food, drink, medicine or medical equipment
    with them to manage a medical condition

Assistance Dogs

    Should you be attending with an assistance dog and require they have a separate area
    during a loud performance we have a dog crate, separate bed, water bowl and treats
    available in our office.

Strobe Lighting

    Strobe lighting may occasionally be used at the venue. Please contact us if you have any