For ten years we have been working to get a commitment to a permanent space for Woking’s community to own, operate and for everyone to have a chance to flourish – this is it – we just have one more step to take and we need YOUR help!
Woking Borough Council have confirmed that we will be allocated the previously named BED Bar/Albion site right opposite Woking Station for the new PERMANENT Phoenix Cultural Centre 120 capacity Arts Cafe & Acoustic Venue on the upper level and 300 capacity Fiery Bird Live Music Venue on the lower level. There are some proposed plans and concept visuals below to give an idea of the space
However we do have substantial work to do to make it accessible to all of the community, including wheelchair lifts to both floors, accessible toilets and fully accessible artist changing & shower facilities to remove barriers to performing and make it open to all. We have all the music and sound equipment to move there from our current Fiery Bird Venue. We want to continue and grow our partnerships supporting SEN adults, offer more workshops, more creative industry training and obviously more gigs in the diary for all ages and levels from bands starting out to touring artists.
We do have a chance to make this happen if we succeed in securing a share of the £100m Surrey County Council Community Fund for community capital projects.
The Council believe we are a very valuable contribution to Woking and are backing that by giving us this fantastic space to make things happen.
This is where we need your help.
We are listed on the community map – here is our link, the more agreements to this we get the better chance we have.
We REALLY REALLY need to get the word out and the support and SHARE SHARE SHARE amongst all our contacts, family, friends and community to put a ‘like’ and agree with our project as it is pinned on the county map – link below.
We have a solid project with a good track record both locally and nationally and have established partnerships with a variety of groups, individuals and education providers, so it is getting that across to people.
We REALLY need everyone behind this because it is exactly what the funding is designed for and we have a really good chance of it IF we can get people behind it.