Steve Pilgrim, Cow, The Velveteen Orkestra

15th December 2018 @ 7:30 pm
£10 advance, £12 on door


Fiery Bird Presents Steve Pilgrim/Cow/The Velveteen Orkestra

In the fine tradition of the last 8 years of excellent,high quality gigs here in Woking we are delighted to continue with that and present to you another fantastic evening of music featuring:


Probably best known as drummer for Paul Weller (among others) Steve Pilgrim has been writing and recording since 2007. Steve released his fourth album ‘Morning Skies’ in the spring of 2017.
Acoustic driven and song-focused the albums feature a supporting cast of talented musicians, double bass, piano, trumpet and vocals. The recordings are simultaneously sad and celebratory, intimate and honest. There is time, these days to listen to music that lets you pause and breathe out; and hope that while music like that is still being written and performed with such truth, the world will keep turning.


Cow was formed in late 2006 by Mark & Maxine singer songwriters of the band. Along with Richi Morey and Tony Buss after playing several showcase gigs to highlight their compositions decided to record an album of their work, so in 2009 set about working on a 12 track album initially it was intended to be solely acoustic but as things progressed in the studio with the songs growing in texture and flavour the end product was a very earthy and organic acoustic pop and soul sound which involved drums keys and some Indian vibes.
Since then they have been lauded by Janis Long, toured extensively with Paul Weller and worked with artists such as Noel Gallagher, Steve Craddock and Steve Ellis. Their latest 4th album Steeple for The People is out now having received universal critical acclaim.


Many of the Fiery Bird/Phoenix Regulars will be well acquainted with the work of Dan Shears and the Velveteen Okestra over the last few years supremely talented musicians who have supported the cause of this venue faithfully & soulfully to such an extent we have adopted these south London vagabonds and call them our own. We are delighted to welcome them to this fantastic line up.
The Velveteen Orkestra are a ragged-trousered rock and roll orchestra conceived in a leaky, shadow-veiled district of South London. Bellowing out from underneath the grey brutalist tower blocks named in honour of romantic poets is a sound that is both savage, yet elegant… animal, yet noble… honest, yet fantastical.
“an intoxicating brand of melancholic alternative rock with nodding acquaintances towards rockabilly and folk noir.”

£10 adv. £12 otd

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